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    High quality metals

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  • Commissioned works


    Metal semi-finished products

    Upon request we offer custom metal semi-finished products in various forms and variations.

    These include the following:

    • Stainless steels
    • aluminum
    • Non-ferrous metals
    Finished Metal Products

    Among the Finished Metal products include castings and forgings.

    The castings are subdivided into the following areas:

    • Ductile iron pipes
    • Ductile piles
    • Ductile flanges
    Special productions

    In addition to metal semi-finished and finished products, we offer if necessary, special productions of. Here, our services are divided as follows:

    • Production according drawing
    • production Optimization
    • Quality assurance and certification
    • Mould
  • Contact

    Address Schlossweg 9, A-2721 Bad Fischau, Austria

  • If you have further questions to our team, we look forward at any time to contact us.

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